Upcoming Class Changes and Special Events

Current/Upcoming Events/Announcements:

We are open for in-person classes…Now we’re not…Now we are…Now we’re not.  (hopefully we will be back at the dojo again soon!)

COVID-19 update: We have been offering virtual training options using ZOOM to broadcast our classes to students – approximately 18 hours/week.* If you are a current member, please check your email for invitations and reach out if you didn’t see them. Santa Clara County is currently back in the “purple” tier, so we had to go back to Zoom-only for a while.  Stay tuned for updates.

Normally, we have 14 youth Karate classes/week and 10 adult classes/week (including a few that are open to some kids as well –  we presently have 11 youth classes and 6 adult classes, 2 of which are also open to youth). We also have self-defense workshops, along with guest instructor events and more. See our schedule here.

We are set up to provide temperature scans at the front door, using a separate exit door to avoid bottleneck at entrance, social-distancing at all times…We have a 55″ monitor, laptop, condenser mic & HD camera on the wall…We are all set up for both in-person and remote learning!

In our kata-of-the-month cycles, we are currently doing Chinte (8:30-9:15am) and Heian Yondan (9:15-10:00am). Other classes will be coming back as enrollment picks back up, which is expected once we are back to dojo training (in mid-March?).

Check back here again soon for more info on upcoming events and announcements!