Ubl Sensei seminars


Ubl Sensei is returning for a seminar set on May 27-29:

Friday, May 27, 7-8:15pm (all ranks), 8:15-9:00pm (brown & black belts only)

Saturday, May 28, 10-11:15am (all ranks), 11:15am-12:00pm (brown & black belts only), 2-3:15pm (all ranks), 3:15-4:00pm (brown & black belts only)

Sunday, May 29, 10-11:15am (all ranks), 11:15am-12:00pm (brown & black belts only)*

*location for Sunday will be at De Anza College, room PE15. All other seminars at SVKarate’s headquarters in Redwood City.

$30 for 1 session; $55 for 2 sessions;
$75 for 3 sessions; $90 for 4 sessions;
$100 for 5 sessions; $110 for 6 sessions
$120 for 7 sessions; $130 for all 8 sessions
*full-time student discount: $5 off when enrolled for 1-3 sessions; $10 off if 4+ sessions.
*WTKO members: $5 off when enrolled for 1-4 sessions $10 off for 5+ sessions.
*spectator fee: $5/person/session**

Please note: Class size is limited so please preregister/prepay if you would like your spot guaranteed.

*These seminars are for adults & teens only, unless prior approval is given by one of the instructors.

** No videotaping of seminars (still photos OK).

Ubl Sensei was the first resident of Nakayama Sensei’s private dojo in Tokyo – the Hoitsugan – just after it first opened in 1972, and was one of Nakayama Sensei’s most personal students of all time.  He is very highly regarded and considered by many to be one of the finest instructors of Shotokan on the planet.  If this is your first experience with Ubl Sensei, don’t be surprised if you catch yourself saying “Wow!” out loud as you take part in what could be one of the most eye-opening Karate sessions in your life.  If you have been to seminars with Ubl Sensei before, it goes without saying that you will do whatever you can to attend this special event…

Assisting Ubl Sensei is Silicon Valley Karate Chief Instructor Keeling Sensei. Keeling Sensei has been doing Shotokan passionately since 1982 and spent a total of 8 years living in Japan. He has been associated with Ubl Sensei since 2002 and is prepared to help break-off groups at this seminar set.