Seminars and Clinics with Guest Instructors

Silicon Valley Shotokan Karate frequently hosts or supports weekend seminars and other special training events that bring in respected guest instructors from around the country and the world. The opportunity to learn from these instructors’ unique teaching styles, interesting new training methods, and their own unique karate paths is a huge benefit to our regular training.

Our goal is to bring these opportunities to as many area karate-ka as possible, so events are often open to other dojo, and usually we can arrange to have a guest instructor teach classes suitable for all levels. In addition to karate training, we also aim to have guest instructors who can expand our training into areas like self-defense, other martial arts, and other practices like yoga.

Guest instructors we have hosted include Senseis Masataka Mori, James Yabe, Minoru Kawawada, Steve Ubl, Kosaku Yokota, Elmar Schmeisser, Vince Morris, Richard Amos, Michael Berger, Takeshi Kitagawa, Frank Valentin, Guy Brodeur, Dan Cook, Chris Sterian, Leroy Rodrigues, Scott Langley, Sue Miller, Brian Thompson, Mario Kadena, Matt Pain, Cathy Jarushi, Zack Stewart (all Shotokan), Rob Alvelais (Shito-ryu), Paul & Michelle Enfield (Goju-ryu) Toshihiro Oshiro (Kobudo), Aaron Hoopes (Yoga/Breathing/Karate) and Adrej Diamanstein (Iaido).

The Shotokan Legacy Seminars series is another special event in which SVSK takes a key role.

See our News & Announcements or our dojo calendar for any upcoming seminars or clinics.