Self-Defense Workshops at Stanford

Learn useful self-defense concepts and skills from a dedicated professional

This page is specifically for Stanford staff & students.

Mr Keeling started teaching self-defense in 1989 and teaches the self-defense course at Stanford. He has taught thousands of people, including overseas. He has successfully taught one-on-one private lessons and groups of 150+ students simultaneously to help make things more efficient. Students learn through concepts-based training and stimulating discussion about legal and ethical considerations, setting boundaries, dealing with bullying, general safety and more.


Learn about

  • Legal considerations of self-defense
  • Ethical considerations
  • Creating & maintaining awareness of your surroundings
  • Verbal de-escalation
  • Strategies for avoiding confrontation
  • Most important weapons for self-defense
  • Considering exit and entry strategies
  • Simple example physical practice (intensity & duration can be adjusted; 5 minutes to many hours spread across months)

Expert Instructor

All self-defense seminars are taught by Silicon Valley Karate LLC Chief Instructor Jon Keeling directly. He does not delegate these to junior instructors. Sensei Keeling has been teaching traditional Karate since 1984 and self-defense since 1989 and teaches the self-defense course at Stanford University. The author of over 100 articles relating to karate, he has studied a variety of other martial arts and has an international reputation for particular focus on practical applications in the martial arts. As for self-defense-specific training, he has taken many in-depth/advanced courses, including “Violence Dynamics” and Rory Miller’s “Instructor Development Course.” Read more about Mr Keeling here and here.

A few self-defense tips