Self-Defense Workshop with Mr. Rory Miller, Friday, January 25th

Silicon Valley Karate will again be hosting internationally-acclaimed self-defense expert and author Mr. Rory Miller on Friday, January 25, 6:30-9pm for a special workshop. Various subjects will be discussed and trained.

We will cover at least two subjects. The first is “Context of Violence;  an overview of the seven things that any self defense class must cover. We covered this last time so will be abbreviated for this session:

• Legal and Ethical dimensions of self-defense
•Violence Dynamics
•Avoidance, Escape and De-escalation
•Breaking the freeze
•The Fight itself

The other subject(s) will be physical.

Physical training to include:

  • working with walls
  • environmental training
  • using momentum
  • weapons

Mr Miller has a vast amount of experience using his skills in his former occupation as a correctional officer and has designed and overseen scenario training for a multitude of military, law enforcement and civilian groups.

Please see here for a selection of books by Mr Miller.

Just $45 for this 2 1/2 hour workshop. (these are normally $80+ elsewhere)

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Silicon Valley Karate’s Chief Instructor, Sensei Jon Keeling, has spent much time training with Mr. Miller over the years and conducts monthly self-defense classes here in Palo Alto.