Self-Defense Seminar with Mr. Rory Miller April 12

Silicon Valley Karate hosted internationally-acclaimed self-defense expert and author Mr. Rory Miller on Thursday, April 12, 6-9pm for a special workshop. Various subjects were discussed and trained.

We covered two subjects. The first was “Context of Violence;  an overview of the seven things that any self defense class must cover:

• Legal and Ethical dimensions of self-defense
•Violence Dynamics
•Avoidance, Escape and De-escalation
•Breaking the freeze
•The Fight itself

The second subject was counter-ambush. Dealing with the suckerpunch. It included a bit on power generation, because that just makes everything work better.

Mr Miller is also teaching a full weekend of  seminars in Berkeley

Please see here for a selection of books by Mr Miller.

Silicon Valley Karate’s Chief Instructor, Sensei Jon Keeling, has spent much time training with Mr. Miller over the years and conducts monthly self-defense classes here in Palo Alto.