Private Lessons

Class times don’t fit your schedule?

Need extra, tailor-made training?

Want accelerated learning?

Want to be a tournament champion?

Prefer to keep your interest in karate out of the press?

Dedicated Personal Guidance on Your Path

For those who wish to pursue an interest in karate, but can’t make the regular classes, or who would like more personal attention than is possible in our regular group classes, we also offer private lessons.

Flexible Location and Schedule

Private lessons can be conducted at our dojo or at your home or office.

Custom-Tailored Instruction

Your training can be designed to fit your individual needs, including…

  • Basic training (repeating basic techniques while receiving detailed corrections)
  • Kata (same one repetitively, or various; studying technical performance and/or applications)
  • Kumite (from basic to free, technique to strategy, tournament-focused or reality-based)
  • Self-defense (techniques and tactics)
  • Application of various principles of biomechanics & physics
  • Personal training for physical fitness

Small group lessons also available. For example, practice karate together as a family in your home!

If you want the highest level of karate instruction possible, these private lessons are for you.

Expert Instructor

SVSK Chief Instructor Jon Keeling started teaching karate in 1984 and has studied teaching methodologies in-depth. A former tournament champion and highly sought-after instructor and referee, Keeling Sensei also has a firm grasp of realistic applications for self-defense and has gained an international reputation for his understanding of biomechanics (Masters in Kinesioloty & Certified Personal Trainer). Instruction and personal training can be tailored for all ages and levels.

If you are farther away from Palo Alto than makes lessons at SVSK an option, ask us to recommend an alternative in your area.

For more about private lessons…

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