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Join Us for some SIT-UPS?

For many years at Silicon Valley Karate, we have had a monthly exercise challenge. For July 2021, we are doing sit-ups. How many will you do throughout the month? For those on Facebook who would like to keep up with everyone’s activity – and brag about your own – please see here: No pressure […]

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Silicon Valley Karate PRIDEs itself on being inclusive. We are accepting of all types of people (and pets as well – but only over Zoom 😉 ). We welcome everyone, regardless of background or preference, provided they are not mean or reckless. 🙂 June is “Pride Month” but we believe that we should not limit […]

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Special Training May 30

On Sunday, May 30, 10:00-11:30am California time, we will have a special training session. As opposed to the normal “cerebral” teaching Silicon Valley is known for, this one will be a pure workout involving many repetitions of kihon techniques, strengthening exercises and kata. FREE and open to the public. The session will be broadcast over […]

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