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Kata of the Month: Chinte

We are next moving to Chinte for the advanced kata in our Saturday classes, from May (Heian Nidan for the basic kata). Our last kata-of-the-month was Gankaku. Gankaku very closely resembles its predecessor kata, Chinto. This next kata is Chinte and some historians believe the two kata to have been linked in some way but […]

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Kata-of-the-Month: Kanku-sho

We are now studying Kanku-sho in our Saturday classes. The predecessor kata on which Kanku-sho was derived, Kanku-dai, is very old and versions of it are practiced by people in various styles of Karate. Older versions may go by the name ‘Kushanko” and the -dai suffix was added when a secondary version (-sho) was created […]

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