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Upcoming Class Changes and Special Events

Current/Upcoming Events/Announcements: ***We are open for in-person classes!***(Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat, along with the first Friday of the month) COVID-19 update: We have been offering virtual training options using ZOOM since even before the official shutdown. Currently, we have 19 classes/week; 11 youth classes and 5 adult classes (older/experienced teens can attend these) and 3 combined adult/youth classes. […]

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Current kata-of-the-month: Jitte

We are now studying Jitte (十手) in our Saturday classes. Jitte is also sometimes written as “Jutte.” The characters used are those for 10 (“Ju”: 十) and hand(s) (“Te” : 手). This could imply that we have the ability to fight off 10 opponents. But it could also have something to do with the defensive […]

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Current Kata for Saturday Classes: Jiin

We are now studying Jiin (慈陰) in our Saturday classes. You can see a very good example of JKA’s Ogura Sensei doing the kata here. Quite similar to last month’s kata, Jion, Jitte features relatively basic techniques and stepping patterns. In fact, it is believed that the reason it was dropped from the official JKA […]

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