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Traditional Shotokan Karate

empiSince martial arts first became popular in the United States over 50 years ago, the variety has exploded. It can be hard to make sense of all the different styles from so many different countries. It can be harder to know how any one dojo or club interprets their style.

At Silicon Valley Shotokan Karate we practice authentic, traditional Shotokan karate as taught in Japan. Shotokan is the most widely practiced style of karate and one of the most widely practiced martial arts worldwide. Physically the emphasis is on efficient use of the body to develop tremendous speed and power, but sharpening the mind and perfecting our character are equally important. It’s best to see for yourself. Please come by to watch a class or two and ask questions afterwards.

Basic Curriculum

showingClasses are 60 – 90 minutes during the week.

In the first couple of months, adults can expect to learn:

  • the most important kihon (basic) techniques and begin to apply them
  • the first kata (form; pre-arrange set of over 20 movements)
  • basic kumite (sparring) (no-contact, very controlled and very safe)

More about the basic curriculum >

Japan Trained Instructors

SVSK’s two primary instructors, Jon Keeling Sensei and Fred Borda Sensei, started teaching Shotokan karate 38 and 33 years ago, respectively. Both have lived and trained in Japan for many years (8 & 3 1/2, respectively). We also have many other very experienced black belt instructors, some of whom have also been doing Karate since the 1980s. For more information on our instructors, please see here.

This direct line to the Japanese karate tradition at SVSK is unparalleled in northern California.


urakenWe understand excellence. One goal of karate training is to put in maximum effort and experience the reward of perfecting something. SVSK is home to world class karate training that reflects the top technological innovation levels in Silicon Valley. Our instructors know what the best karate in the world is, and we know how to guide students toward it. After all, who wants to create world class tech products by day and do second-rate karate in the dojo?

Exercise? Yes, you will get a workout. But it is much more than just a workout. Sure, karate is essentially one of the original Tabata workouts and had been that for almost 100 years before Dr. Tabata came out with his theory for the ideal workout. But it is also a centuries-old type of “mindfulness.” Moreover, it is a great way to explore your inner self and learn some useful self-defense skills!

For All Levels

Training is open to all levels. Our classes include beginners as well as those who began their karate experience more than thirty years ago. We frequently have instructors visit from other dojo to further their training. Weekday classes usually focus on basic techniques and fundamental movement principles, so even beginners can follow along, while more advanced students can explore the same techniques at a higher level. Saturday morning classes include more advanced kata and kumite focus.

Weekday general classes in our Palo Alto location are 60-90 minutes (M/T/W), with some additional classes limited to only brown/blacks. On Saturday mornings, we have one hour each of kata-specific and kumite-specific training.

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