Instructors’ Classes

Bay Area Instructors’ Classes

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The Goal

To raise the level of instructional quality among those teshowing@2xaching traditional karate (particularly JKA-style Shotokan, but not exclusively) in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay area.

Some comments from past participants…

“Good emphasis on helping us (become) better instructors.”

“Emphasis on detail, awareness of both self and self as instructor.”

“Please continue (these classes); we are some of the luckiest students anywhere for having access to such valuable training.”

“I think that the concept of the Instructors’ Training sessions is great. It has given me new insight into teaching various points, which is always good.”

Typical Class Schedule

  • One or two 30-minute sessions – usually an interactive, light workout; often involving group discussion and/or lecture
One or two 1-hour sessions – physical workout; possibly kata practice, kumite stratepage2_1gy, steps to teaching a given technique, etc.
  • Total of 2 hours

The focus of the classes is on improving teaching skill and technical skill and understanding.


All JKA-style black belt holders are welcome to attend, regardless of organization/affiliation. For some sessions, non-Shotokan black belts are also welcome (please contact SVSK chief instructor Jon Keeling if you’re interested).

As for the instructors who lead the sessions, our goal is to favor a high level of teaching skill over years training or popularity.


Silicon Valley Shotokan Karate main dojo in Palo Alto

There is a nominal fee of $30/class.

If you have ideas for upcoming instructors’ classes or are interested in leading a session, please get in touch with a short proposal of class subject, general class structure, etc. as early as possible. Instructors are chosen about one month prior to the class.

Instructors’ Training

Please note that we also have monthly Instructors’ Training sessions, normally on the first Friday of each month. These are exclusively for active instructors at Silicon Valley Karate.