School Enrichment Classes

Introductory Karate Classes

We offer enrichment classes for local schools, where students can learn authentic Karate from a very experienced instructor. Please see our class schedule, here.  To sign up, please see options (soon to be added for 2023) at the end of the list here.

Basic Curriculum

kids-ageukeIn these classes, kids can expect to learn:

  • the most important kihon (basic) techniques and begin to apply them in basic and very controlled self-defense exercises
  • very basic kata (pre-arranged sets of movements)
  • strength, speed, coordination and balance exercises

Kids will get some exercise while learning techniques and strategies that could help them avoid or get out of a dangerous situation. But maybe don’t tell the kids who good this is for them and let them just focus on how FUN it is! 🙂

How is our program different?

We teach authentic karate, as it’s practiced in Japan. We don’t spend the class time playing games. We keep it packed with fun for the kids but within a traditional structure where they also learn respect and discipline. This is real karate.

Our goal is to see kids learn some basic skills in a relatively short period of time and understand when it’s appropriate to use them. Once your child is ready to upgrade to the regular kids’ classes, we will let you know. This could take anywhere between one month to 6+ months, depending on several factors, but mostly how much they are paying attention and trying.

Who wants to join us?

Please see our class schedule, here.

If you would like to purchase an optional uniform ($30), please arrange with instructor.

Expert Instructor

SVSK Chief Instructor Jon Keeling leads the enrichment program himself. Sensei Keeling began teaching Shotokan karate in 1984. He lived and trained in Japan for 8 years and is one of the most highly qualified instructors of Shotokan anywhere. He has published over 100 karate-related articles, runs an instructors’ training program, is Chief Judge for the area’s largest tournaments, has been certified by the Red Cross in CPR, First Aid & AED, was the official karate instructor for San Jose State University’s Kinesiology department for 6 years and a certified personal trainer. He holds a masters degree in Kinesiology with a PE teaching focus. Sensei Keeling has racked up an incredible 15,000+ hours of Karate teaching experience (very few people on the planet can legitimately claim this).

Most important though, he is great with kids! 🙂

His own children have attended schools in Palo Alto and Los Altos. Sensei Keeling attended school in Newtown, Connecticut as a child. The 2012 tragedy in Newtown reignited his drive to promote safety training for children in schools. In addition to Karate group and private lessons, he is also available for self-defense workshops.

Parents, teachers or administrators who want to learn more about karate for enrichment classes in schools are invited to contact us any time

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