Dojo Upgrades

In order to give our dojo members the best possible training options, we are continuing to offer all our classes over Zoom in addition to having the dojo physically available as well. We currently offer 19 classes/week and will soon be adding more.

We have a large monitor, condenser microphone, high-quality HD webcam, new computer and lots of cables/wires to connect it all together.

We have a touchless temperature scanner, hand sanitizer, air filter, 6+ fans and enough space for 12 people while maintaining comfortable 6’+ distance from others.

We have shoe-shelves at both the entrance and the exit doors of the dojo, to allow for one-way traffic to avoid congestion between classes. Canopy above each door to protect people from sun/wind/rain.

But we can’t be fully prepared for everything…

In an effort to maximize the airflow in the dojo in preparation for our dojo re-opening, we have had the windows open non-stop since March. And with all the fires in the area the past couple months, the ash caused the floors to get very dirty.

Have no fear! One of our dojo community members has given us use of his special vacuum. 40+ hours of vacuuming & scrubbing later, the floor is now looking like new!