Current kata-of-the-month: Bassai-sho

Bassaisho@2xWe are now studying Bassai-sho in our Saturday classes.

Bassai-sho is a derivative of Bassai-dai, which is very old. Versions of Bassai-dai are practiced by people in various styles of Karate. Bassai-sho was created in the late 19th century and shares many techniques and strategies with its predecessor kata.

Bassai-sho is generally introduced at black belt level. But in our dojo we welcome all intermediate and advanced practitioners to study this kata in our Saturday morning classes. Please note that we always have Heian kata classes as an option for those with less experience or who would like a refresher on those kata.

older video example is here. somewhat newer example is here. And here are a couple of our Silicon Valley Karate instructors experimenting with application ideas for the opening moves of the kata 10 years ago.

Even if we’re beyond the kata you’re presently focusing on, it’s great to begin to learn how techniques can be combined, and the practice in applying techniques can be very valuable to your development in Karate.


At SVSK our Saturday morning kata classes focus on one kata at a time. We typically spend four Saturdays on each kata:

Week 1: Overview/review of the kata
Week 2: Fine points of the techniques and the kata
Week 3: Hands-on practice to understand applications (bunkai)
Week 4: Variations in the kata