Charity Kick-a-Thon 2022

Join us for our 18th annual charity kick-a-thon! We are raising money for charity – this year for Community Services Agency (see below). During the week of December 16-22, we did kicks – LOTS of them… For the entire week, we held kick-a-thon events in all youth classes, building up to the finale on Thursday evening. In that 7pm class, we did 2023 repetitions of maegeri (front-kick) as well as 2023 repetitions of gyakuzuki (reverse-punch) in a two hour session. We welcome those from all over the world to participate with us over Zoom each year.

Silicon Valley Karate’s finale in 2019. Age range 8 to 59.

Link to donation page: Community Services Agency doe s a great job helping our community; particularly those less fortunate who struggle with food insecurity, homelessness, etc.

For more information about the kick-a-thon history, please see here:
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Some scenes from our dojo kick-a-thon 2022: