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Kick-a-Thon Brings in $5,000

The totals are in for our annual charity kick-a-thon in December. In our adult class, we did a total of 4028 repetitions 2,014 kicks 2,014 punches In our kids’ and teens’ classes, we did 400-900 in each of 6 classes. Official total for the week: 6,064 kicks 2,014 punches All for charity.  We brought in […]

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Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box (This article originally appeared in the October 2006 issue of Shoto-Mag.) Over the past several years, many Shotokan enthusiasts have discovered the joy of analyzing kata application possibilities. For me, this journey began in 1984, as I experimented with non-standard applications by myself between classes at the dojo. At the time, […]

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Gedan-barai Habits

Gedan-barai Habits   (This article originally appeared in the April 2006 issue of ShotoMag.) One of the first techniques we learned, gedan-barai (literally “lower-level sweep” but commonly known as “down-block”) is something we have all done many times. It is a very useful technique and its prevalence in Shotokan kata suggest that the masters of […]

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