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Minecraft Competition Results

As we are doing “virtual Karate training,” the timing seemed right to have another one of these competitions. We had quite a few great submissions for our latest Minecraft competition. The objective was to create a Karate-themed image. Students interpreted this a variety of ways. Third Place: Nice work, Aaron! Second Place: This was a […]

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A Little Exercise?

Ready to be impressed? Our dojo is known for taking on challenges most people cannot even imagine. And January’s Exercise Challenge was no exception to being exceptional! Quite a few of us worked up to over 100 push-ups + 100 sit-ups in a day, for multiple days in a row. Top finishers, with their max […]

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Another Record-Setting Kick-a-Thon!

Our grand total for the week-long kick-a-thon event: 114,520 kicks + 26,260 punches = 140,780 reps! And that is just counting the official group kicking & punching events. Additionally, some students did a total of well over 1000 kicks while at the dojo, outside of regular classes. And some people did many extra kicks at […]

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