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Another New Black Belt!

Sonali passed her shodan (first degree black belt) as a result of her re-exam this Thursday evening.  She is still a teenager but has already been teaching kids’ classes for a while. Her 9+ years of dedicated training have, and continue to pay off. Silicon Valley Karate is proud of Sonali’s accomplishments and her promotion […]

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Congratulations to Our Latest Nidan!

Jess Field successfully graded to nidan (2nd degree black belt) on March 10. On the grading panel were WTKO Chief Instructor Sensei Richard Amos, Silicon Valley Karate Chief Instructor Sensei Jon Keeling, and Chief Instructor for De Anza Shotokan Pete Rabbitt. Mr Field was put through the paces with challenging kihon, two different kata and […]

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Black Belt Promotions

Following a total of eight hours of seminars with WTKO Chief Instructor Amos Sensei, we had a record-setting black belt exam on April 30. This was the largest black belt exam in the Americas thus far in the WTKO’s history. We had a total of 16 people testing for various ranks from shodan (1st degree) […]

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