Black Belt Promotions

20170429advancedgroupphotoFollowing a total of eight hours of seminars with WTKO Chief Instructor Amos Sensei, we had a record-setting black belt exam on April 30. This was the largest black belt exam in the Americas thus far in the WTKO’s history. We had a total of 16 people testing for various ranks from shodan (1st degree) to rokudan (6th). As is typical for the WTKO, known for having extremely high standards, half those testing passed. Congratulations to the following on their promotions:
Shodan (1st degree) – Akiko T., Kostas K.
Nidan (2nd) – Yong T., Matthew B.
Sandan (3rd) – Rachel P., Andreas S., Yanti A.
Rokudan (6th) – Jon K.
All those who did not pass on this attempt have been encouraged to take advantage of the next opportunity, as they were all within reach of their next rank this time.