Basic Curriculum

Adult classes at SVSK are normally 90 minutes to two hours (90 minutes for general classes M/T/W, 30 minutes more for advanced members; sets of one-hour classes on Thursdays and Saturdays). Children’s classes are 45 minutes to one hour.  We begin with a warm-up and then work on training in three areas.

Kihon (Basics)


We work towards perfecting individual techniques — mostly punches, kicks and blocks — that maximize speed, power, and efficiency. Practicing these basic techniques develops coordination and control and builds muscle memory.

Kata (Forms)


We learn the set series of techniques, known as kata, to practice combining techniques, learn applications for techniques, and further develop control of our movements. There are over 25 kata that students can eventually learn and we go through each of them in detail during our Saturday morning kata classes.

Kumite (Sparring)


We learn to apply techniques and combinations to actual self-defense by working with partners in safe and controlled exercises. This helps us to develop timing, understand distance, and refine the control of our techniques. Children only practice very limited partner exercises while adults work on everything from the most basic to very complex and/or free sparring scenarios, sometimes involving somewhat realistic self-defense. At SVSK, we maintain the highest standards of not only technique but also safety. We have a kumite-specific class on Saturday mornings.