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Saturday Kata Class

On Saturday, October 24th we’re looking forward to concluding several weeks of Unsu. This puts us at the end of our cycle of usual syllabus kata. Before we start again with the beginning kata for two weeks we’ll take the opportunity to practice some kata we don’t usually get to spend a lot of time on. […]

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Current Kata for Saturday Morning Kata Class: Hangetsu

Our current kata-of-the-month is Hangetsu (半月). The kata name means “Half Moon,” which refers to the way we step in the kata’s signature stance, hangetsu-dachi. In contrast to fudo-dachi we used in Sochin, with Hangetsu we practice gripping the floor and connecting with an inward squeeze in hangetsu-dachi and neko-ashi-dachi. You can see good examples of Hangetsu performed by Osaka Sensei here and by Kanazawa Sensei here. And […]

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