Another Record-Setting Kick-a-Thon!

Our grand total for the week-long kick-a-thon event:
114,520 kicks + 26,260 punches = 140,780 reps!

And that is just counting the official group kicking & punching events. Additionally, some students did a total of well over 1000 kicks while at the dojo, outside of regular classes. And some people did many extra kicks at home, too! So the grand total was actually well over 142,000!

This is most likely a world record of some sort. Possibly other world records for individuals listed below…

Individual records:
Most kicks: Sensei Jon Keeling 11,300 kicks + 2020 punches for a total of 13,320 repetitions for the week. On just the final day, he did 3860 kicks + 2020 punches.
Second most: Sensei Novely would have set a new record for youth but she recently turned 18. At 9090 total repetitions, she far exceeded everyone else and only Sensei Keeling has ever done more than this number.
#1 for teens: Our overall 2nd place winner and top for youth for last year did the most for teens this year. Sophie did 3570 kicks.
#1 for kids: Lucas S was one of several kids to participate in the adult kick-a-thon event (2020 kicks) after doing 450 kicks in the kids class just prior to it. Along with Max S and Alik S, they each did 2470 kicks that day. But Lucas did many more kicks that week in other kids classes and an additional 670 kicks on his own at home to reach a total of 5000 kicks for the week!
Youngest ever to complete the adult (2000+) kicking session: Alik S (Lucas’ brother) is just 8 years old and completed a total of 2470 kicks on Thursday and over 4000 for the week!

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