A Little Exercise?

Ready to be impressed?

Our dojo is known for taking on challenges most people cannot even imagine. And January’s Exercise Challenge was no exception to being exceptional!

Quite a few of us worked up to over 100 push-ups + 100 sit-ups in a day, for multiple days in a row. Top finishers, with their max reps:
Aireka W (10 years old): 231
Jon Keeling (who did most of the pushups with about 70% of weight on left arm and had surgery on the right shoulder on Jan 31): 351
Jon Kiya (turns 60 years old next week): 435
Novely J: 496

Still not impressed? Note that 496 reps today means Novely did 465 the day prior. And 435 the day before that….Yes, that means 5456 push-ups + 5456 sit-ups over the course of the month.

Novely: (mic drop)