SV Karate Members Do Well in Local Tournament


The Shinkyu Shotokan tournament on April 10 was the first (apart from just our dojo) in over 2 years. We had 11 competitors representing our dojo and all but one only took part in kata.

Partial list of results (just those in top 3 for their event):

Individual Kata:
Louise 2nd
Uta 3rd
Novely 2nd
Keira 3rd
Arman 3rd
Brent 3rd

Team Kata:
Louise/Uta/Aireka 2nd

Sophie 3rd

Keeling Sensei was Chief Referee for this event, as he has been for all but one of the normally thrice-yearly Shinkyu tournaments over the past 20 years.

We will be taking part in several more tournaments in the area going forward.