Kick-a-thon 2018: Supporting Crisis Text Line

Our annual charity kick-a-thon event took place the week of December 14-20. As a group, we did over 132,000 repetitions. The finale was on Dec 20, where the adult class performed 2019 kicks + 2019 punches. A total of 11 dojo members did over 4000 repetitions, with three of them doing over 5000 and our Chief Instructor completing over 12,000 over the course of the event (4000+ kicks on Thursday alone). This year’s fundraising effort is for Crisis Text Line. Crisis Text Line is free, 24/7 support for those in crisis. Text 741741 from anywhere in the US to text with a trained Crisis Counselor. Crisis Text Line trains volunteers to support people in crisis. With over 79 million messages processed to date, we’re growing quickly, but so is the need.. Please see online donation page here: . If sponsoring a specific dojo member, please indicate their name in the donation form: