Upcoming Class Changes and Special Events

Current/Upcoming Events/Announcements:

Our weekly schedule now includes 12 youth classes/week (eight general kids’ classes, two advanced kids’ class and two teens classes), as well as 10 hours/week of adult classes. We will be adding even more toward the end of the summer! See the latest schedule here.

In our weekly kata classes, we are doing Jion for the advanced kata and Heian Godan for the beginner kata.

We had a special summer camp event June 14-17, with guest instructor Kawawada Sensei here from Japan!

We will have a reduced class schedule at certain points over the summer, most notably in early August.

Keeling Sensei is scheduled to teach at the regional black belt training in Fremont on June 24.

Tests in youth classes June 25-30 (at end of class time at every youth class during that time except Wednesday 5pm and Friday 5pm). Tests in adult classes tentatively July 11 & 12.

Look for us at the annual Palo Alto Chili Cook-Off on July 4! (no classes that day)

Many from our group will join those from other local dojo for a Beach Workout in Santa Cruz on Sunday, July 22.

WTKO International Summer Camp will be held in Toronto, August 2-5. Keeling Sensei will be on the list of instructors at this event.

Please note that we also offer self-defense classes which are open to non-martial artists as well! These are normally held on the 2nd Friday of the month, from 7pm. (no regular self-defense class in June – only custom seminars for specific groups) Please contact us if interested in arranging a custom seminar or private lessons. Our monthly classes have been open to those 15 years old and older but we plan to soon start offering separate classes for youth, separated by age group.