Upcoming Class Changes and Special Events

Current/Upcoming Events/Announcements:

*COVID-19 update: We have been offering virtual training options using ZOOM to broadcast our classes to students – approximately 16 hours/week.* If you are a current member, please check your email for invitations and reach out if you didn’t see them. 
UPDATE: We will physically re-open the dojo on July 13, as it will from that day be permitted by the County of Santa Clara. We will continue to offer the Zoom option as well to all those choosing to participate in the classes remotely!

*Wait! What?! 16 hours/week of classes on ZOOM? I thought everyone else was only teaching a couple hours each week…?  Well, we’re not “everyone.” We are Silicon Valley Karate; continuing to set the high bar for both quality and quantity of instruction.

Normally, we have 14 youth Karate classes/week and 10 adult classes/week (including a few that are open to some kids as well). We also have self-defense workshops, along with guest instructor events and more. See our schedule here.

We are set up to provide temperature scans at the front door, using a separate exit door to avoid bottleneck at entrance, social-distancing at all times…

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, we have altered our normal kata class schedule; we do a very basic kata focusing on a certain point and then individuals are encouraged to work on their test/favorite kata while continuing to focus on that point. From July 25, we will return to our regular kata-of-the-month schedule.

Other special events are in the works but many have been put on hold due to virus concerns. Check back here again soon for more info!