Upcoming Class Changes and Special Events

Current/Upcoming Events/Announcements:

We have 14 youth Karate classes/week and 10 adult classes/week (including a few that are open to some kids as well). We also have self-defense classes and workshops, along with guest instructor events and more. See our schedule here.

In our weekly kata classes on Saturday mornings, we are now back to the beginning of our cycles, doing Tekki Nidan for the advanced kata and Heian Nidan for the basic kata.

Our annual charity kick-a-thon will take place in December 13-19, with tests in youth classes the same days.

We will have a slightly reduced schedule around the end of the year. Details coming soon. No classes Dec 24, 25, 31 or Jan 1. A few other classes may be cancelled here & there, depending on instructor scheduling. But most classes will take place as usual.

We will have our annual “Shotokan Kata Review” on Saturday, January 11. At this event, we go over a minimum of 27 kata, twice each.

Many other special events are in the works. Check back here again soon!