Upcoming Class Changes and Special Events

Current/Upcoming Events/Announcements:

*COVID-19 update: We have been offering virtual training options using ZOOM to broadcast our classes to students – approximately 18 hours/week.* If you are a current member, please check your email for invitations and reach out if you didn’t see them.

*Wait! What?! 18 hours/week of classes on ZOOM? I thought everyone else was only teaching a couple hours each week…?  Well, we’re not “everyone.” We are Silicon Valley Karate; continuing to set the high bar for both quality and quantity of instruction.

Normally, we have 14 youth Karate classes/week and 10 adult classes/week (including a few that are open to some kids as well – on Zoom we presently have 13 youth classes and 6 adult classes, 2 of which are also open to youth). We hope to be able to re-open the dojo for physical classes by the beginning of October! We also have self-defense workshops, along with guest instructor events and more. See our schedule here.

We are set up to provide temperature scans at the front door, using a separate exit door to avoid bottleneck at entrance, social-distancing at all times…

We are back to our kata-of-the-month cycles. currently doing Bassai-sho (8:30-9:15am) and Heian Yondan  (9:15-10:00am). No kumite classes for a while still…Other classes will be coming back as enrollment picks back up.

New intro kids classes Tue/Thu started September 1st, 3:15-4:00pm.

Other special events are in the works but many have been put on hold due to virus concerns. Check back here again soon for more info!