Upcoming Class Changes and Special Events

Our weekly schedule now includes 8 general kids’ classes, one advanced kids’ class and two teens classes, as well as 10 hours/week of adult classes. We will soon be adding even more! See the latest schedule here.

Our after-school “enrichment” classes are to start the week of Labor Day, at Fairmeadow in Palo Alto and Santa Rita in Los Altos.

We continue our kata-of-the-month training with the kata Nijuushiho (advanced) and Heian Shodan (basic) throughout the month of September.

Don’t forget that we have self-defense classes (open to non-Karate people as well) taking place on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month, from 7:00pm. These are open to both experience martial artists and novices.

We recently held our first in-house tournament (only our dojo competing) on Sunday, August 13. 20+ competitors took part and quite a few of the more advanced members gained some valuable judging experience.

Stay tuned for information about the next MOVIE NIGHTS. Over the summer, we have shown Kung-Fu Panda 1 & 2 and Karate Kid 1. We plan to do this again before too long.

We will be taking part in a Community Health Fair on Saturday, September 23.