Upcoming Class Changes and Special Events

Our weekly schedule now includes 8 general kids’ classes, one advanced kids’ class and two teens classes, as well as 10 hours/week of adult classes. We will soon be adding even more! See the latest schedule here.

We continue our kata-of-the-month training with the kata Wankan (advanced) and Heian Yondan (basic) in our Saturday morning kata classes.IMG_20171007_104902

In October, many of us wore pink belts for breast cancer awareness.

Instructors’ Training is the first Friday of the month. This is for instructors only.

Our Chief Instructor, Sensei Jon Keeling, was one of the featured instructors of the WTKO’s National Camp in Cincinnati November 17-19. Information is here.

Sensei Richard Amos, Chief Instructor of the World Traditional Karate Organization, will be returning to our dojo for a set of seminars and black belt exam December 8-10.

Our annual charity kick-a-thon event will take place December 11-16. (donation info here) That same week, we will provide optional testing in all the kids & teens classes (except for Wed 5pm).

No self-defense classes n November and December due to several holidays and our upcoming guest instructor event.

We will have a reduced schedule December 18 – January 5.