Summer Camp 2019, with Kawawada Sensei

Silicon Valley Karate will be having a special summer camp this June in Palo Alto, California. Special guest: Kawawada Sensei, JKA 8th dan (retired),  gold medal winner in both kata and kumite at the first World ShotoCup in 1985 and the Chief Instructor for the Hoitsugan, the dojo set up by Nakayama Sensei for his closest students.

Dates: June 20-23, with multiple sessions each day

Location: Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Rd., Palo Alto, CA

Schedule (tentative – may change times slightly):

June 20, 1pm-2pm (all ranks) & 2pm-3pm (brown- & black-belts only) (Gym B), 6pm-7pm (all ranks) & 7pm-8pm (brown- & black-belts only) (Silicon Valley Karate dojo, suite G7)
June 21, 10am-11am (all ranks) & 11am-12pm (brown- & black-belts only)  4pm-5pm (all ranks) & 5pm-6pm (brown- & black-belts only) (all Gym B)
June 22, 10:30am-11:30am (all ranks) & 11:30am-12:30pm (brown- & black-belts only), 4pm-5pm (all ranks) & 5pm-6pm (brown- & black-belts only) (all Gym B)
June 23, 10am-11am (all ranks) & 11am-12pm (brown- & black-belts only)  4pm-5pm (all ranks) & 5pm-6pm (brown- & black-belts only) (all Gym B)

Each 2-hour set divided into two seminars, for a total of 4/days, for a total of 16 sessions taught by Kawawada Sensei.

Fees:  (prepay by May 17 for discounted rate; full-time youth students automatically get discounted rate)
1 seminar: $35  (prepay discount: 30)
2 seminars: $70 (60)
3 seminars: $100 (85)
4 seminars: $130 (110)
5 seminars: $160 (135)
6 seminars: $190 (160)
7 seminars: $215 (180)
8 seminars: $240 (200)
9 seminars: $265 (220)
10 seminars: $290 (240)
11 seminars: $310 (255)
12 seminars: $330 (270)
13 seminars: $350 (285)
14 seminars: $370 (300)
15 seminars: $390 (315)
16 seminars: $410 (330)

Please make check payable to “Silicon Valley Karate” and send to 4000 Middlefield Rd., Suite G7, Palo Alto, CA, 94303

Video from 1st World ShotoCup, 1985:

For a link to purchase the summer 2019 edition of Masters Magazine, with a 9-page article on Kawawada Sensei, please see here:

Travel & Accommodations

Map & Directions


The closest airports are:

  • San Jose (SJC): about 30 minutes’ drive
  • San Francisco (SFO): about 45 minutes’ drive
  • Oakland (OAK): about 1 hour away

Hotel Information

We have not arranged a group deal this time because in the past, people just booked a variety of hotels regardless. We suggest looking online for options in the area. Please note that if you have use of a vehicle, much cheaper hotel options are available in nearby Sunnyvale, compared to Palo Alto, Los Altos and Mountain View.

There are many restaurants in the area near the hotels. And there are several choices close to the seminar venue as well. But many restaurants in this area close early (last order around 9:00pm), so plan accordingly!