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Shotokan-Specific Sites

Lester Ingber Research – Prof. Ingber is the guru of karate physics.  He really knows his stuff & how to explain it. Also the author of some great technical Karate texts, graciously made available for no charge through this web site.

Karate no Michi – Great use of Flash programming and high-quality video clips.

Karate the Japanese Way – Some of the latest from Japan.  Also includes some of the best Shotokan-based forums on the net.

International Shotokan-ryu Karate-do Shihankai – Consists of an impressive group of high-ranking Western Shotokan instructors.


Shotokan Organizations / Representative Dojo

Shotokan World – Sensei John Mullin teaches classes in Staten Island, NY; many good links and info on various JKA-style organizations around the world.

JKA – The Japan Karate Association’s English site in Japan. SKdI & ISKF are affiliated with JKA.

JKA Boston – Includes a listing of SKdI dojo.

ISKF – Internatlonal Shotokan Karate Federation is a major Pan-American organization. The site includes many pages, including a list of most ISKF dojo. You can order a copy of ‘Texbook of Modern Karate’ very cheaply through the site.

ITKF – International Traditional Karate Federation site has some interesting articles.

KUGB – Karate Union of Great Britain

WTKO – World Traditional Karate Organization

Karate no Michi South Africa – KWF of South Africa, headed by Dorfman Sensei.

USANKF – The USA National Karate-do Federation, one of the biggest organizations for traditional karate styles in the USA.


Other Dojo in the San Francisco / Silicon Valley Area

De Anza Shotokan

Shinkyu Shotokan

Northern California Karate Association

Satsuma Dojo (Shotokan)

Bakkyokan Dojo (Shotokan)

Pacific Martial Arts (Shito-ryu)

Palo Alto Judo Club

Palo Alto Kendo Club

Aikido of Mountain View

Sierra Aikido


Commercial Sites (not all Shotokan)

Sites listed here are not necessarily endorsed by SVSK or its instructors.

Karate Coaching – Loads of information about training techniques & strategy, as well as exercises.

Tokaido Japan Direct International – The official Tokaido web distributor in Japan.

The Shotokan Way – Best online Shotokan magazine, with contributions from Keeling Sensei.

Shotokan Karate Magazine – Loads of good content from various sources.

Legend Video – Intense karate video, including ‘Art of War’ and more.

E/B Productions – Shotokan instructional videotapes.

Tokon – If you can’t afford Tokaido, you may want to look here.

Dragon Times Online – Links to martial arts publications.

Journal of Asian Martial Arts – Some good articles.

Doshin Martial Arts Supplies – Again, if you can’t afford the highest quality Tokaido, have a look here.


Other Interesting Links

Art of Zen Yoga – Breathe!

CyberDojo – Always something interesting happening at the CyberDojo.

MAPhysics – Discussion group devoted to the scientific study of the martial arts, mostly physics and biomechanics.

Koryu.com – Classic martial arts resource. Some great articles and book reviews on various traditional martial arts.

Safety for Women – Some good tips on self-defense.

KidPower – Working to keep our kids – and others – safe.