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Current Kata for Saturday Kata Class: Unsu

We are now working on the kata Unsu (雲手). This is the last in our syllabus kata, so after this we will soon start the cycle over with beginning kata (Tekki Shodan for Advanced). The name Unsu means literally “cloud hands.” You can see techniques that look like hands parting the clouds in the opening of the kata. […]

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Current Kata for Saturday Class: Tekki Shodan

We are now studying Tekki Shodan (鉄騎初段) in our Saturday classes. As with the Heian kata, the Tekki kata came to Japan from Okinawa, based on the Naihanchi kata. Tekki means “iron horse,” referring to the characteristic kibadachi (literally “horse-riding stance”). There are three Tekki kata, which may have all been one kata at one time. The Tekki kata focus on […]

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Next Kata for Saturday Kata Class: Wankan

The next kata for our Saturday classes is Wankan (王冠). Wankan literally means “king’s crown.” The second character in the name can also mean a “great achievement,” suggesting that this kata could be the crowning achievement of someone who has practiced for many years. We don’t see this kata practiced often, so the coming month will be a good […]

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