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Current Kata for Saturday Classes: Jiin

We are now studying Jiin (慈陰) in our Saturday classes. You can see a very good example of JKA’s Ogura Sensei doing the kata here. Quite similar to last month’s kata, Jion, Jitte features relatively basic techniques and stepping patterns. In fact, it is believed that the reason it was dropped from the official JKA […]

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A Little Exercise?

Ready to be impressed? Our dojo is known for taking on challenges most people cannot even imagine. And January’s Exercise Challenge was no exception to being exceptional! Quite a few of us worked up to over 100 push-ups + 100 sit-ups in a day, for multiple days in a row. Top finishers, with their max […]

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Kangeiko (Winter Training) Jan 12-18, 2020

We are having our traditional “Kangeiko” (literally “cold training”) January 12-18 (Sunday through Saturday), 6:30-7:30am each day). The traditional Kangeiko involves a short jog (if raining, calisthenics in the dojo) followed by training at the dojo. Each day’s training is typically led by a different instructor, working up in seniority. Hope to see you there!

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