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Next Kata for Saturday Morning Kata Class: Nijushiho

During the month of September, we will be  studying the kata Nijushiho or Nijuushiho (二十四歩). This kata’s name is less poetic than some others. It means “Twenty-four Steps.” Although a relatively short kata, in Nijushiho we practice a wide variety of techniques and applications of power. It features most of the basic Shotokan stances and some less common stances, and slow application of […]

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SVSK in Palo Alto Weekly

A photographer from the Palo Alto Weekly came by to take photos and ask questions last Thursday. This was for an article about Cubberley Community Center and the various activities that take place at it these days. online edition: scroll down to “Slideshow: The Groups at Cubberley” and click on the right side of […]

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Michael Berger

Berger Sensei Seminar Monday, August 28.

Sensei Michael Berger will again be visiting our dojo on Monday, August 28. As many SVSK members already know, Sensei Berger is a very highly-regarded, highly-skilled instructor, known not only for his traditional Shotokan skills, but also for his knowledge of practical applications and Chinese martial arts. Sensei Berger trained in Japan in the 1980s & […]

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Interview on Ethics & Karate

Check out an interview by one of our dojo members with WTKO Chief Instructor Sensei Richard Amos: Dr. Susan Liautaud teaches classes in Ethics at Stanford University and holds the rank of shodan with our dojo.

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SVSK Chief Instructor Named as Chairman of National Technical Committee

It was announced this week that our Chief Instructor, Sensei Jon Keeling, has been appointed as Chairman of the WTKO’s US Technical Committee. In his new position, he will be communicating with other officials within the organization regarding standardization of technical finepoints, prioritization of training/teaching points, etc., disseminating this information across the various dojo in […]

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Black Belt Promotions

Following a total of eight hours of seminars with WTKO Chief Instructor Amos Sensei, we had a record-setting black belt exam on April 30. This was the largest black belt exam in the Americas thus far in the WTKO’s history. We had a total of 16 people testing for various ranks from shodan (1st degree) […]

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Kata of the Month: Chinte

We are next moving to Chinte for the advanced kata in our Saturday classes, from May (Heian Nidan for the basic kata). Our last kata-of-the-month was Gankaku. Gankaku very closely resembles its predecessor kata, Chinto. This next kata is Chinte and many historians believe the two kata to have been linked in some way but […]

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