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Enrichment Classes

We currently have “enrichment” classes taking place at four local schools in Mountain View and Los Altos and may be adding Palo Alto schools later this year.  Parents often ask if their children can learn anything by repeating these classes.  The answer is most definitely Yes! I recently received an email from the father of […]

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More Tournament Victories for SVSK Members

A few members of Silicon Valley Shotokan Karate took part in the annual Shinkyu Shotokan Invitational tournament in South San Francisco this past Sunday. In addition to competitors in individual kata and kumite events, a team of our brown belts competed in team kata. For some it was even their first tournament experience. We’re proud to report that most […]

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Next Kata for Saturday Kata Class: Wankan

The next kata for our Saturday classes is Wankan (王冠). Wankan literally means “king’s crown.” The second character in the name can also mean a “great achievement,” suggesting that this kata could be the crowning achievement of someone who has practiced for many years. We don’t see this kata practiced often, so the coming month will be a good […]

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Next Kata for Saturday Kata Class: Gojushiho Dai

This week we’ll start Gojushiho Dai (五十四歩大), the companion to Gojushiho Sho, which we just completed. Gojushiho means “Fifty-four Steps.” Gojushiho Dai is  “Gojushiho the Greater.” In Shotokan karate we typically practice these two variants of the older Gojushiho kata. If it looks like the movements in Gojushiho Sho are in fact bigger than those in Gojushiho Dai […]

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Next Kata for Saturday Kata Class: Gojushiho Sho

This week (June 20th) we begin the kata Gojushiho Sho (五十四歩小). The name of this kata is similar to the one we just completed, Nijushiho. Gojushiho means “Fifty-four Steps.” Sho, “small” (or here, “the lesser”) distinguishes this kata from its companion Gojushiho Dai (or “Gojushiho the Greater”). In Shotokan karate we typically practice these two variants of the older Gojushiho kata. […]

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