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Amos Sensei Seminars & Dan Exam May 1-2

Richard Amos Sensei will be visiting our dojo May 1-2 to teach seminars and administer a dan (black belt) exam. Amos Sensei is Chief Instructor for the World Traditional Karate Organization.  He spent many years honing his skills in Japan, including in the exclusive JKA Instructors’ Course. He is an amazing technician who exemplifies the highest standards of Shotokan […]

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New Classes in Palo Alto

We’re adding even more classes! Two new classes have begun spring sessions through the City of Palo Alto: Teens’ Karate Wednesdays, 5:00 – 6:00 pm, April 1 – June 3 At the Mitchell Park Community Center in Palo Alto Women’s Self-Defense Fridays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm, April 3 – May 29 In the ballroom at […]

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Next Kata for Saturday Morning Kata Class: Meikyo

Starting Saturday, April 4th we will study the kata Meikyo (明鏡) for four weeks. The name of the kata literally means “Polished Mirror” or “Bright Mirror,” prompting us to think about how our training is like the work of polishing something that ultimately reflects who we are. Meikyo was created by combining the three Rohai kata. Meikyo gives […]

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Next Kata for Saturday Morning Kata Class: Hangetsu

We begin our next kata, Hangetsu (半月), on Saturday, February 28th and go for four weeks. The kata name means “Half Moon,” which refers to the way we step in the kata’s signature stance, hangetsu-dachi. In contrast to fudo-dachi we used in Sochin, with Hangetsu we practice gripping the floor and connecting with an inward squeeze in hangetsu-dachi and neko-ashi-dachi. Hangetsu also emphasizes breathing from the […]

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