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Saturday Kata Class

On Saturday, October 24th we’re looking forward to concluding several weeks of Unsu. This puts us at the end of our cycle of usual syllabus kata. Before we start again with the beginning kata for two weeks we’ll take the opportunity to practice some kata we don’t usually get to spend a lot of time on. […]

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Enrichment Classes

We currently have “enrichment” classes taking place at four local schools in Mountain View and Los Altos and may be adding Palo Alto schools later this year.  Parents often ask if their children can learn anything by repeating these classes.  The answer is most definitely Yes! I recently received an email from the father of […]

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Next Kata for Saturday Kata Class: Unsu

Next Saturday, September 26th, we will begin working on the next kata, Unsu (雲手). This is the last in our syllabus kata, so after this we will soon start the cycle over with beginning kata. The name Unsu means literally “cloud hands.” You can see techniques that look like hands parting the clouds in the opening of the kata. […]

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