Karate for Kids

Traditional Japanese karate in a safe and supportive environment

For children 6-12 years old

Authentic Japanese Karate

Since martial arts first became popular in the United States five decades ago, the variety has exploded. It can be hard to make sense of all the different styles from so many different countries. It can be harder to know how any one dojo or club interprets their style.

We teach authentic karate, following the same traditions taught in Japan. Things like beginning and ending each class with a formal bow teach children about respect, discipline, and tradition.

The basic techniques and the kata are strictly traditional Shotokan karate, and we insist on deep learning of these fundamentals.

The connection to Japanese tradition makes us very popular with Japanese families.

Basic Curriculum

Classes are 45 minutes.

Kids can expect to begin learning:

  • the most important kihon (basic) techniques, emphasizing blocks and kicks
  • beginning to apply the basic techniques in basic and very controlled self-defense exercises
  • very basic kata (forms; pre-arrange set of movements)

After achieving yellow belt level (normally after 1-2 years) we begin to add:

  • basic kumite (sparring) (no-contact other than at the wrists, very controlled and very safe)

Fun for Kids

We don’t spend half the class time playing irrelevant games, but we do keep it packed with fun for the children. Kids should expect to get some exercise while learning techniques and strategies that could help them avoid or get out of a dangerous situation.

High Expectations

Each child has the potential to achieve excellence in karate, and our standards for guiding them are very high. We welcome students with all kinds of previous experience, but we make decisions about rank and grading independent of any rank a student may bring with them to our dojo. Parents thank us for the honesty and for the challenge.

Japan Trained Instructor

Chief Instructor Sensei Jon Keeling teaches the vast majority of the children’s classes and has been teaching Shotokan karate for 34 years. He lived and trained in Japan for 8 years and is one of the most highly qualified instructors of Shotokan anywhere. Read more about Sensei Keeling here. Sensei Keeling is sometimes assisted by experienced adults and teenage black belts, helping when we break into groups by experience levels. Many of our instructors have 20+ years of experience!


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