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Next Kata for Saturday Kata Class: Gojushiho Dai

Our kata-of-the-month is now Gojushiho Dai (五十四歩大), the companion to Gojushiho Sho, which we just completed. Gojushiho means “Fifty-four Steps.” Gojushiho Dai is  “Gojushiho the Greater.” In Shotokan karate we typically practice these two variants of the older Gojushiho kata. If it looks like the movements in Gojushiho Sho are in fact bigger than those in Gojushiho […]

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Seminar with Sensei Guy Brodeur, August 31, 1-3pm

Sensei Brodeur has been studying Shotokan since 1982 and has a long history of tournament successes and extensive training in traditional Shotokan with Ubl Sensei and others. For more, please see: Seminar will be Saturday, August 31, 1-3pm. It will be open to adults and teens of all levels but focusing on mostly brown […]

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