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Current Kata for Saturday Morning Kata Class: Sochin

In our advanced kata sessions on Saturdays, we are currently studying Sochin (壮鎮). The kata name translates as something like “Magnificent Calm.” It features low, solid stance, mostly fudo-dachi, and slow, powerful moves alternating with explosive speed. It’s excellent practice for developing strong, solid technique and connection to the ground. You can see excellent examples of […]

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Amos Sensei Seminars & Dan Exam March 8-10

Richard Amos Sensei will be visiting our dojo again March 8-10 to teach seminars and administer a dan (black belt) exam. Amos Sensei is Chief Instructor for the World Traditional Karate Organization.  He spent many years honing his skills in Japan, including in the exclusive JKA Instructors’ Course. He is an amazing technician who exemplifies the highest standards of […]

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Open Karate Seminar Set with Senseis Paul & Michelle Enfield, April 5-7

The Enfields have been teaching Goju-ryu Karate for decades, including at their Goju Karate Center, in southern California. They bring a wealth of knowledge about traditional Karate and we are fortunate to have them leading seminars for the first time in Silicon Valley this April. Schedule:Friday 7:00-8:30pm *Saturday 11:00am – 1:30pm Saturday 3:00pm – 5:30pm, […]

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