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Kangeiko (Winter Training) February 3 – 9

We are having our traditional “Kangeiko” (literally “cold training”) February 3-9 (Sunday through Saturday), 6:30-7:30am each day). The traditional Kangeiko involves a short jog (if raining, calisthenics in the dojo) followed by training at the dojo. Each day’s training is typically led by a different instructor, working up in seniority. Hope to see you there! […]

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Self-Defense Seminar with Mr. Rory Miller April 12

Silicon Valley Karate hosted internationally-acclaimed self-defense expert and author Mr. Rory Miller on Thursday, April 12, 6-9pm for a special workshop. Various subjects were discussed and trained. We covered two subjects. The first was “Context of Violence;  an overview of the seven things that any self defense class must cover: • Legal and Ethical dimensions […]

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