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Kangeiko (Winter Training) Jan 12-18, 2020

We are having our traditional “Kangeiko” (literally “cold training”) January 12-18 (Sunday through Saturday), 6:30-7:30am each day). The traditional Kangeiko involves a short jog (if raining, calisthenics in the dojo) followed by training at the dojo. Each day’s training is typically led by a different instructor, working up in seniority. Hope to see you there!

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Another Record-Setting Kick-a-Thon!

Our grand total for the week-long kick-a-thon event: 114,520 kicks + 26,260 punches = 140,780 reps! And that is just counting the official group kicking & punching events. Additionally, some students did a total of well over 1000 kicks while at the dojo, outside of regular classes. And some people did many extra kicks at […]

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Elf Defense

Since our secret has apparently been revealed, we might as well admit it… Silicon Valley Karate is proud of its status as the official Elf-Defense Training Center. Santa’s most elite elf security guards train with us this time of year to help protect Santa and all the presents.* *Please note that these special sessions are […]

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